Mental Fortitude Curriculum

Mental Fortitude: Protecting The Health Of Your Mind And Spirit Curriculum

Mental Health Program

Mental Fortitude uses the same unprecedented integrated approach as Unlocking The Mind Of A Winner and uses it to enhance self-directed social-emotional awareness. The combination of self-understanding, practical skills, external guidance, and direction to professional mental health resources (where applicable) provides a comprehensive solution to a complex group of challenges. Like Unlocking The Mind Of A Winner, Mental Fortitude is a curriculum-based program available 12 months of the year, with similar professional development training available. Mental Fortitude was designed to strengthen the minds and spirits of today’s youth, helping them to self-regulate and process the experiences of their lives. Having witnessed what happens when mental illness is not prevented or addressed, all of the partners of Civil Society have a personal commitment to helping improve the existing support structure.

The Mental Fortitude curriculum comes in three different packages:

Student Package:

Includes Core Curriculum and Student Journal (the full Student Package is recommended for EVERY student)

Mentor Package:

Includes Master Curriculum and Mentor Guide

Teacher Package:

Includes Mentor Package plus Syllabus, Rubric, and Lesson Plans

If you would like to purchase the Core Curriculum on Amazon, you can do so here (Kindle version is available).
If you would like to purchase the Mentor’s Guide on Amazon, you can do so here (Kindle version is available).